Earth - Moon

The Moon Is Receding From Planet Earth

Earth - Moon Observation demonstrates that the Moon is getting farther from the Earth by two inches every year. This indicates that the Moon used to be closer.

This causes very serious problems to the Evolutionists, because the proximity of the Moon to planet Earth controls the height of the tides.

Because of the law in Physics called the Inverse Square Law, the closer the Moon to the Earth, the higher the tides on the Earth.

The Inverse Square Law

This law of Physics states that, “The force of attraction between two objects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them”.

The Inverse Square Law proves that the closer the distance between two objects, the greater the force of attraction will be between them. Thus if the moon is only slightly closer to the Earth, the magnetic forces of attraction are dramatically increased, and the tides become very much higher.

Theoretical calculations concerning the height of the tides

  • The Moon is receding from the Earth at the rate of two inches a year.
  • The magnetic forces of attraction between the Moon and the Earth become very slightly weaker every year, so that, in general, tides become slightly lower on average.
  • 6,000 years ago, when Adam and Eve were created, there were no tides because the Earth had not been covered in water.
  • 4,400 years ago, after Noah’s Flood, the tides would have been slightly higher, on average, than the tides we see today.
  • However, 4 billion years ago, when, according to the Evolutionists Life created itself on Earth, the tides would theoretically been very high indeed.
  • In fact, because of the Inverse Square Law, the whole planet Earth would have been completely covered in water twice a day!
  • This alone would have made Evolution impossible.

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