Mississippi Mud Flats

Mud Deposits From The Mississippi River

Mississippi Mud Flats According to Prentice Hall General Science, 1992 p.145, 80,000 tons of mud is deposited every hour by the Mississippi River at the New Orleans Delta.

The New Orleans Delta of the Mississippi River is enlarging every day. Scientists have studied the Delta very carefully, and have calculated that about 30,000 years elapsed to move all the existing mud into the New Orleans Delta.

Why is the whole Gulf of Mexico not full of mud?

We think that Evolutionists should explain to Creationists why, if the Earth is billions of years old, the whole Gulf of Mexico is not full of mud by now.

  • If the Earth is billions of years old, why is the Gulf of Mexico not full of mud?

According to the Bible:

  • God created the Heavens and the Earth 6,000 years ago approximately.
  • 4,400 years ago there was a world wide Flood.
  • As the crust of the Earth was broken up, and water ran off the land, the geography was dramatically altered.

At this point we have to do some reasoning, based on observations and known facts:

  • As water and mud washed into the newly created New Orleans Delta millions of tons of mud were deposited in the Gulf of Mexico within a very short period of time.
  • As the water run off subsided, the slow flowing Mississippi river remained, and continued to deposit mud in the Gulf of Mexico at today’s known rate of deposition.
  • It may well be that, in calculating the number of years for the Mississippi river to deposit mud in the Gulf of Mexico, the scientists forgot the Flood, as the Bible mentions in the time of Noah.

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