The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Evolution Is Impossible

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Reef Parts of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia were destroyed in World War II by ships anchors and explosives. Following this, environmentalists in Australia devised an experiment to observe the rate of re-growth of the coral of the Great Barrier Reef. After carefully observing the re-growth of the Reef over 20 years, they calculated that the estimated age of the Great Barrier Reef, based on their calculations, is 4,200 years old (Quoted from Creation Ex Nihilo Vol. 8 No. 1, p.).

  • If the Earth is billions of years old, why is there not an older Reef on the Earth?
  • Why is the oldest corral reef on Earth only 4,200 years old?

According to the Bible:

  • God created the Heavens and the Earth 6,000 years ago approximately.
  • 4,400 years ago there was a world wide Flood.
  • As the crust of the Earth was broken up, and water ran off the land, the geography was dramatically altered.
  • Quite soon the continents stabilised, and then reefs started to grow again.
  • According to Biblical teaching, we would therefore expect the oldest reef in the world to have an age of approximately 4,400 years.
  • The 4,400 year old age of the Great Barrier Reef tends to confirm the Biblical account.

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