Science And Evolution

Butterfly Most people in Western cultures have been taught to accept unquestioningly certain principles, one of which is the Theory of Evolution. The idea that life evolved by “Spontaneous Generation” out of nothing is a belief, and is contrary to the Law of Biogenesis. No unambiguous information, acceptable in a science laboratory or a court of law, confirms the Creation of Life by means of any Evolutionary process.

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Scientists have no clear data supporting the idea that life evolved over millions of years. There is no known way to test experimentally the idea that the Origin of the Universe resulted from a “”Big Bang”, or that life arose by “Spontaneous Generation.” These ideas are beliefs, not science.

Most of modern science, as taught in our Western schools and universities, is atheist when considering the Origins of Life. Biblical accounts of the origins of Space, Matter, Time, Energy, and Life are considered to be “outside the realms of science.” In fact the Bible is a very scientific book.

Points about Evolution

  1. “Traditional teaching” on Evolution has existed since 1859.
  2. Most Evolutionists believe that the Universe is 20 billion years old.
  3. Some Evolutionists believe that the Universe is 12 billion years old.
  4. Evolutionists disagree with each other about their age of the Universe by up to 60%. This hardly inspires confidence in their various theories.
  5. Considering that Evolutionists believe the Universe to be 20 billion years old, and their theory started in 1859, it has taken them a very long time to come up with their theories about the Origin of the Universe, and the Origin of Life itself.
  6. The various proponents of this belief system wildly disagree with each other, as we shall see.
  7. This huge variation of beliefs amongst Evolutionists hardly inspires confidence in their various theories.

What is Science?

The accepted scientific method is to construct a reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary experiment to prove a theory. The accepted scientific technique involves:

  1. The careful observation of a known event.
  2. The formulation of a theory (known as a hypothesis) to explain the observed event.
  3. The application of the theory to devise an experiment to prove the validity of the theory.
  4. The performance of careful unbiased experimental tests.
  5. The careful analysis of these tests in order to prove that the theory was correct.

If the analysis of the unbiased experiments agree prove the theory (known as a hypothesis), the theory may well be respected as a proven theory, or natural law. If the experiments prove that the theory was incorrect, the theory must be rejected or modified.

Science has not proved Evolution

Unfortunately neither the Biblical Creation Model nor the Evolution Model can be subjected to the normal scientific experimental processes. They are both belief systems.

In order to have a serious discussion about either Creation or Evolution, an unprejudiced person will have to abandon concepts that science has “proved Evolution.”

Science cannot prove or disprove Creation or Evolution. Instead we all have to make observations about our Solar system and our own Planet Earth, and come to conclusions based on our observations.

This does not involve the use of the normal scientific method, discussed above. To study both Creation and Evolution we have to use a different method, but this is the only method that is available to us. We can make observations and conclusions, but we cannot test these theories.

We believe that the process of actual scientific observation and conclusion very strongly supports Creation, as we intend to demonstrate.

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