Water Cycle

The Saltiness Of The Oceans

Water Cycle There is a well established water cycle. In the water cycle, rain falls from the clouds, runs off the dry land into the sea, and is evaporated by the heat of the Sun from the sea back into the clouds.

The water cycle causes mineral salts to be deposited in the oceans

  • After rain falls from the clouds 30% of the water runs into the ocean.
  • The water that runs into the ocean leaches mineral salts out of the soil and river basins.
  • The mineral salts are transported by the rain water into the oceans.

Evaporation removes fresh water from the oceans, leaving the mineral salts behind.

  • As a result, the oceans are gaining salt every day.
  • The oceans today are 3.6% salt.
  • Using estimated rates of increasing mineral salt deposition on the oceans, the oceans could have gone from fresh water to salt in less than 5,000 years.

The known saltiness of the oceans, and the “Old Earth Theory” of the Evolutionists

If the Earth is billions of years old why are not the oceans saltier than they actually are? For example, the Dead Sea is estimated to have a salt content in excess of 30%. If the water cycle has been in existence for billions of years, as claimed by Evolutionists, the oceans\should be much saltier than they actually are.

A commonly asked question is “How did fresh water fish survive the Food of Noah, when the whole world was covered in water? ”

There is an assumption that the water that covered the earth in Noah’s Flood was “sea water”, or “salt water”. In fact, the water that covered the Earth in Noah’s flood was almost certainly fresh water, since there was no rain before Noah’s Flood, and therefore no salt washed into the seas.

The fact that the ocean is salt water today is because the oceans are getting saltier every day. Since the Flood 4,400 years have elapsed, which are a lot of days for the fresh water to get saltier.

Today we observe fresh water fish and salt water fish. We also observe fresh water alligators and salt water alligators. These changes are adaptations to the increasing saltiness of the water, and are in no way related to Evolution.

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