The supernatural value of Pi (π), 3.141, found in the Bible!

Unveiling the Supernatural: Pi in the Bible


Let’s explore a captivating revelation that transcends the realms of mathematics and spirituality – the presence of the mathematical constant pi in the Bible. This discovery, rooted in the original Hebrew text, adds another layer to the awe-inspiring supernatural nature of the scriptures.

Pi in Genesis 1: The Mathematical Marvel

Delving into the opening words of the Bible, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth,” we encounter a profound connection to the mathematical constant pi. By assigning numerical values to each Hebrew letter and applying them to a specific formula, the result unfolds as 3.1416 – precisely the value of pi to four decimal places. Witnessing this mathematical marvel is an undeniable testament to the supernatural origins of the Bible.

Supernatural Significance

The declaration, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth,” resonates with supernatural significance. It goes beyond human comprehension and aligns with the mathematical precision hidden within the very words of the scripture. This formula, pointing to the value of pi, stands as a supernatural imprint, affirming the divine authorship of the Bible.

The Divine Creator: Unveiling the Word

As we ponder the mystery of pi in the Bible, a deeper revelation unfolds – the identity of the Creator. The Bible declares, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This echoes the profound truth that all things were made through this divine Word, the very source of life.

Recapitulation: A Supernatural Journey

In this exploration, we’ve traversed the historical, scientific, and prophetic aspects of the Bible. We’ve uncovered hidden codes on the cross, in our DNA, and now within the numerical fabric of the scriptures. Bible numerics, acknowledged with a Nobel Prize in mathematics, further accentuates the supernatural essence of the Word. The revelation of pi in Genesis 1 serves as a pinnacle of divine precision.


As we conclude this enlightening journey, we affirm that the Bible is not just a book; it is Supernatural. It transcends the boundaries of human understanding, weaving mathematical marvels and divine truths into the fabric of its verses. Share this revelation with those seeking evidence of the Bible’s authenticity, and may the supernatural wisdom embedded in these words resonate in your hearts.

Thank you for delving into the mysterious and awe-inspiring realm of pi in the Bible.

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